Services Offered


Hope Counseling currently offers individual, family, marriage, and group sessions. Support groups for grief, anxiety, and family members of those with mental health issues are offered as needed and require a minimum of three participants to begin. All groups are closed groups and require permission from the therapist to join.

Please contact the office at 270-240-5312 for more information.


Each therapist uses many different therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Problem Solving, Solution Focused, and Faith Based Therapy just to name a few. They are always looking for new approaches and techniques to improve the services offered.

Amy offers Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). This therapy has more than a 90% success rate and is used for any type of trauma a person may experience in his/her lifetime. Whether you view a significant event in your life as traumatic or have an issue in your life you believe needs to be addressed, EMDR can help you successfully process each one.

Outside Services

At any time during treatment, a therapist may find it beneficial to refer a client for a medication evaluation or psychological testing. This is done only with the client’s permission and once a trusted medical or psychological provider has been agreed upon. Hope Counseling cannot guarantee acceptance by any other provider and is not liable for the decisions made by providers not affiliated with our practice.

Case Management

Hope Counseling recognizes that our clients have many different needs. Highly trained and effective Case Managers serve as advocates for our clients, helping them navigate complex systems and connecting them to community resources, healthcare providers, and other support networks. We build a supportive team around our clients to encourage continued progress in meeting goals and maintaining stability throughout each Client’s successful journey.